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Caliper - GTK

Caliper - GTK

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This powerful and lightweight 2 pot caliper is manufactured from aerospace aluminium and hard anodised to ensure high quality performance.  The seals are also made from the highest quality materials for optimal performance and longevity, with ceramic coated pistons an option to ensure the ultimate smooth operation.


The GTK is designed for the Kelgate 22mm Master Cylinder and can be used on a 30mm axle floating bracket system.  A Kelgate 12mm x 200mm fully vented cryo disc is also available.


The celebrated GTK brake is by far our most popular Kelgate system and is used on countless championship winning karts.


This caliper comes with a complimentary set of pads - select your compound below.

  • This 2-pot caliper is ideal for either Sprint or Endurance due to the rugged engineering combined with intelligent weight reduction and premium materials.


    Hard Medium and Soft pads are available for this caliper.


    Available in either Regular of Thick Pad variant.

    This brake is fully Homologated for use in all CIK events as an OEM replacement on all karts.

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